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TLX Silver
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TLX Thinsulex Multi-Foil Roof Insulation suppliers. We supply TLX Gold, TXL Silver, TLX Chrome, TLX UV15, TLX UV25

We are TLX Thinsulex multi-foil roof insulation suppliers offering TLX Silver, TLX Gold, TLX Chrome, TLX UV15 and TLX UV15 multi-foil roofing insulation.

TLX Gold

The above and below rafter all-in-one multi-foil and breather membrane solution.


  • Performs as a high thermal barrier
  • Makes re-roofing an existing loft room or upgrading insulation simpler
  • Can work with TLX Gold from outside or inside of a roof

Best for:  Whether installed at ceiling height or between the rafters, TLX Gold works with upgraded or existing insulation. It’s best suited to replace roofing tile underlay on the outside of a roof so as any existing plaster work isn’t disturbed.

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TLX Silver

The across-rafter multi-foil that saves time and guarantees 0.2*.

  • Needs only 120mm of glass wool to achieve 0.2
  • Faster to fit than PUR across rafters
  • Air and vapour tight above or below rafters

Best for: 150mm rafter installations in new build, conversion and refurbishment projects including loft extensions (new build in a traditional roof) either over or under rafters depending upon needs.

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TLX Chrome

Great value reflective multi-foil insulation.

  • Fast, clean and simple to install
  • Excellent vapour barrier
  • Very high levels of air tightness generated

Best for: both roofs and walls, suited to refurbishments of existing buildings.

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An average house produces 14 litres of moisture a day yet air leakage is a major contributor to heat loss. Energy saving, waterproof and airtight – WEB UV breather membranes allow moisture to escape and prevent air leakage.

High tear strength to weight ratio.
High breathability.
Available in a variety of weights and widths.
Most popular of all Web products.
Offers substantial increase in strength and abrasion resistance.
Can be used between open rafters and on sarking boards.
Weight : 130gsm.

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Tough roofing underlay with a very high tear resistance.
High breathability.
Suitable for exposed sites with high winds and snow.
Weight :165gsm.

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